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Mobile Device USB Micro-B to HDMI Display SlimPort Adapter Cable. The Mobile Device USB Micro-B to HDMI Display SlimPort Adapter Cable is the perfect solution for connecting the USB Micro-B port of a SlimPort enabled tablet, smartphone or other mobile device to the HDMI port on a display. This adapter will support up to a 1080p resolution with up to 7.1 channel digital audio depending upon the capabilities of the mobile device and the display. This adapter will allow high definition movies, photos, games, the Internet browser and other content from the mobile device to be shown on the connected display. Connecting a separate USB A to Micro-B cable (not included) to the USB Micro-B female port on the adapter is not required for operation of the adapter, but may be used to charge the mobile device while content is being shown on the display. SlimPort technology makes this connection easy and does not require a driver, software or lengthy setup time. Simply connect the adapter to the Micro-B port on a SlimPort enabled mobile device, then use a standard HDMI cable (not included) to connect from the HDMI port of the adapter to the HDMI port of a display and the content on the mobile device can be shown on the connected display.

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